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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

5,600 DISCHARGED soldiers are being sent back to Iraq! I'll bet the DRAFT is next. Mission accomplished my ASS! Oh, and we're building 13 permanent military barracks in Iraq, does that sound like were are giving back sovereign rule? get real.

"Spider-Man 2 is a deeply satisfying and involving sequel, one that builds upon the complications of the first but stands on its own.

With director Sam Raimi at the helm and Maguire in the hot seat, this franchise is about the challenges of simultaneously mustering moral and physical strength.

Just as Spider-Man struggles to strike a balance between doing what's right for others and what's right for himself, Raimi and Maguire struggle to find the balance between psychological and physical action. In doing so, they subvert the conventions of the action flick. Who would have imagined that stillness and silence would be so dramatically effective in a genre that typically plays at hyper-pace and eardrum-shattering din?" –from the Inquirer

CAN't wait. gonna see it after work.

Yesterday's indictments came amid what was already shaping up to be one of the most critical and stressful weeks of Street's four-plus years as mayor. Tomorrow, three municipal labor contracts expire, and Street must decide whether he will veto the fiscal 2005 budget passed by City Council.

Despite the whirlwind surrounding him, Street said he would carry on with his goal: to run government in a "fair and effective" way. He said the investigation would not affect his mayorship.

"People won't like the fact that it's happened," Street said, but "I don't think it will have any significant impact on my ability to run the government."

Several Council members yesterday said they thought the indictments would, at the least, distract the mayor in his remaining 31/2 years.

City Councilman Michael A. Nutter said: "I know the mayor to be a person and a man of great detail. So he'll have to explain to the citizens of the city what he did know or did not know - or how he could possibly not know. He'll have to explain that to the public."

Even as Nutter made his comments, top mayoral aide George Burrell was anticipating an adversarial tone.

While saying that Street would "advocate as aggressively tomorrow as he did today" on the budget and other matters, Burrell said he expected officials aspiring for higher office to seize an opportunity to poke at the term-limited mayor.

To the extent that others would do so, he said, "they will be trying to advance their own political interests."

Fuck the mob, the real money laundering and strongarming is in politics.
personal note: I always thought Street looked smarmy

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Where to begin? Amazing weekend –yes I know it’s tuesday–although I still haven’t caught up on sleep. I spent last night editing down the footage. Speaking of footage, I’m still doin the bonnaroo DVD but I’m spending soooo much time on it that I think I should get a little bit of coin from my friends for their copies. However, I really don’t care. It should be done Sat, but burning it might set up more problems. we’ll see. I’m gonna make 2 versions, one with just footage, and one – that you have to pay for includes a soundtrack and booklet cover. yea! that sound good. make it an option.
Oh yea, last weekend. Here’s a tease. Friday went to a film fest where footage from an off-roading expedition I was involved with was showed, a funny friend makes a movie about how lonely he is (Celion dion is playing in the background, funny), then a punk bands comes out and rocks my ass off!
Sat: wake up early and drive to NJ for an amazing graduation party. Over the Top. 6 kegs for 50+ people. How are we gonna finnish all these? Like champs! Sleep was not an option. Got it down to 5 (alright!), no problems, just a little too much urinating in the neighbor’s yard.
There was an outdoor tent, catering, full bar, champaign, beer pong table where 16 people could play at once (it was an octagon. They called it something, but I can’t remember because I’m not Ukrainian, but it was intricately decorated to resemble one of those painted eggs.) Backflipping,, Slapfights, slowdancing, kegstands, batchi-ball, singing, antique-ing… all the mofuckins, and somereally great people. Damn. writing this down pales in comparison to the video.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Any time that fast-food restaurants line up to create "diet friendly food", it's time to seriously rethink the diet strategy. But you can now go to any Burger King and order an Atkins-friendly Whopper, which is apparently nothing more than a normal Whopper minus the bun. You're still eating a giant gooey mess of burger, lettuce, cheese, mayo onions, pickles and tomatoes, but it somehow becomes healthy once a knife and fork are involved in the activity. Other burger chains are getting into the Atkins act by wrapping their burger guts in a lettuce leaf, which is kind of like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Of course, that pales in the awesome glow of the KFC "Eatin'Chicken" ad campaign, which tried to make the case that a bucket of greasy fried chicken was a step toward a healthy lifestyle. After all, fried chicken is high in protein, which means that it is automatically good ... right?

From his unremarkable State of the Union address to the 360th slain U.S. soldier in Iraq, this has been a disastrous year for President Bush. And yet, he's tied with John Kerry in his race for re-election.

How can that be?

Democrats say it's only a matter of time before events take their toll on Bush. His job approval rating is at a dangerously low level for an incumbent, and a majority of Americans believe their country is on the wrong track.

Republicans say it's a sign of weakness that Kerry hasn't pulled ahead during Bush's slump. The Massachusetts senator's personal approval ratings are almost as low as the president's, thanks to $80 million in Bush campaign commercials that labeled Kerry a flip-flopping, tax-raising, soft-on-terrorism liberal.

Independent analysts say at least 80 percent of voters are partisan they picked sides long ago and are evenly split between Bush and Kerry. That leaves a precious few swing voters waiting to tip the balance.

While they are increasingly disenchanted with Bush's performance, swing voters seem in no rush to judgment.

"It is still tight because the public is still deliberating about Bush and they haven't moved on yet to considering Kerry," said Andrew Kohut, an independent pollster with the Pew Research Center.

Bush is not the first president to hold his own in polls while events tumble against him. "It takes a lot to vote a president out of office," Kohut said. "There's a tendency to stay the course."

That may be the only thing keeping Bush afloat amid a raft of bad news, much of it his own making. The lowlights include:

Bush delivers a State of the Union address, with his opposition to performance-enhancing drugs in sports standing out against a bleak roster of new policies.

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, in a book by Ron Suskind, says Bush was determined from the get-go to overthrow Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

The president's shaky performance on NBC's "Meet the Press" fuels anxiety among GOP allies about Iraq and the fledgling re-election campaign.

Richard Clarke, the top counterterrorism official for Presidents Clinton and Bush, undercuts the president's tough-on-terrorism claims during congressional testimony.

National security adviser Condoleezza Rice at first refuses to testify before the Sept. 11 commission, then bows to pressure.

Bush's economic adviser, N. Gregory Mankiw, says the transfer of U.S. jobs overseas is sometimes a good thing.

Bush scuttles plans to name Anthony Raimondo as manufacturing czar after Democrats point out that the businessman's company laid off 75 workers in 2002 while announcing the construction a $3 million plant in China.

The death toll in Iraq mounts through the spring as Republican governors, busy attending funerals of slain servicemen and shipping National Guard troops overseas, warn the White House that voters are getting antsy. More than 360 servicemembers were killed this year, bringing the total death toll in Iraq to 850.

Four U.S. contractors are killed and mutilated near Baghdad.

Train bombers strike Madrid. Voters throw the Bush-backing Spanish government out of power. Spain later withdraws its troops from Iraq.

Vice President Dick Cheney comes under fire for past business ties, secretive deliberations on energy policy and unsubstantiated suggestions that his office might be behind the leak of a CIA operative's name.

U.S. weapons inspector David Kay concludes that Iraq did not have stockpiles of forbidden weapons, undercutting Bush's main justification for war.

Democrats unite behind Kerry after a short nomination fight, allowing him to raise record amounts of money and turn quickly against Bush.

Democratic lawmakers call for an investigation into whether the Bush administration's Medicare chief pressured a subordinate to withhold estimates of the cost of last year's Medicare legislation.

Clarke follows his testimony with a book claiming Bush was so preoccupied with Iraq both before and after the Sept. 11 attacks that he failed to effectively confront threats from al-Qaida.

Gas prices top $2 per gallon.

Revelations that U.S. soldiers abused prisoners in Iraq fuel anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world and raise questions at home about U.S. moral authority in Iraq.

Militants linked to al-Qaida behead American Nicholas Berg.

The leader of Iraqi's governing council is assassinated.

A memo reveals plans for the Bush administration to slash domestic programs after the Nov. 2 presidential election.

Al-Qaida militants in Saudi Arabia behead American helicopter technician Paul M. Johnson Jr.

Militants in Iraq behead South Korean Kim Sun-il.

Insurgents launched coordinated attacks that kills more than 100 people, including three U.S. soldiers.

That happened Thursday, the same day the FBI questioned Bush in the CIA leak case. Hours later, Bush was flying to Turkey to plead with NATO for help in quelling Iraqi violence.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Remember the 911 Commission will win the war, because they are writting the history.
2 years ago, when the commission was created after emotional lobbying by 9/11 victims’ families, the White HOuse didn’t take the probe terribly seriously. The administration initially ignored its requests for some key documents, and snubbed efforts to get off threats of subpoenas. But the commission persevered, stoked by the passion of the victims’ families, and persuaded the administration to cave on most issues. Now, with a final report due next month, the Bush team is increasingly aware that the commission’s body of work might someday stand as the nation’s official record of 9/11.And Bush’s credibility on key national-security issues–upon which he’s staked his re-election bid–could well turn on whether the public believes the administration’s version or the commission’s.

Cheney and the ties between Saddam and Bin Laden: A very sensitive credibility issue.
The vice prez insisted in short-tempered public remarks last week that the commission had agreed the Iraq-Qaeda links were extensive. But commission chair Hamilton acknowledged that the commissioners had differences with the administration. “We didn’t have any evidence of collaboration or cooperation,” Hamilton. He added that bin Laden’s ties “to Iran and Pakistan were certainly stronger than any tie he had to IRAQ” (Newsweek). Despite Cheeny’s comments, the White House didn’t offically raise questions about the reports conclusions on Qaeda-Iraq ties.
Cheney has now challenged the commission point blank. Asked in a CNBC interview weither he had more information about Iraq-Dueada links, Cheney remarked, “probably.”
Cheney has also run ahead of BUsh on policy, only to be lassoed back by the White HOuse. In Aug 2002, he dismissed U.N. inspections just before BUsh called for them in a speech that Iraq might have had a hand in 9/11, forcing BUsh to deny later that it did.
Ultimateky, the clash of opinions between the White hOuse and the Commission could help shape the final 9/11 report – which Hamilton has insisted is as much about the future as the past.

Wish I would have seen this. I used to be really into magic as kid, seeing this makes me want to get back into it and become one of T.H.E.M. This the magic I like, yes, I know that these have been pre-planned and set up before-hand, but it’s still amazing, and seeing the suspects’ reactions makes it even better. It is just a new summer series and I don’t think it will keep on going, but so was Fear Factor and it’s still on the air.
Anybody ever see the street footage of David Blane or David Copperfield? amazing.

Somewhere in Germany is a baby Superman, born in Berlin with bulging arm and leg muscles. Not yet 5, he can hold seven-pound weights with arms extended, something many adults cannot do. He has muscles twice the size of other kids his age and half their body fat. DNA testing showed why: The boy has a genetic mutation that boosts muscle growth.
The discovery, reported in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine, represents the first documented human case of such a mutation.
Many scientists believe the find could eventually lead to drugs for treating people with muscular dystrophy and other muscle-destroying conditions. And athletes would almost surely want to get their hands on such a drug and use it like steroids to bulk up.
The boy’s mutant DNA segment was found to block production of a protein called myostatin that limits muscle growth. The news comes seven years after researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore created buff “mighty mice” by “turning off” the gene that directs cells to produce myostatin.

And now my fascination with Lindsy Lohan
I’m not old enough to feel dirty about this.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

LOLLAPALOOZA CANCELLED!!! Damn it! Oh well, doesn't really surprise me. The whole tour seemed too good to be true. Thanks goodness I haven't bought my ticket yet, so no waiting for refunds.
Sounds like I'm not the only one to not buy a ticket though. Apparently every tour stop other than New York was doing badly. What's different about the New York shows? Let's see: they are general admission like a festival should be and they have the Pixies. The organizers are talking about the low ticket prices for all the shows. What the hell? The lawn tickets for Camden were $40, plus Ticketmaster added on like $15 bucks. That's not cheap! Plus, most shows are in ugly amphitheaters. And none of the regular tour acts are big, really. Not a single band on this tour had a platinum album, I don't think. Morrissey and Sonic Youth are supposed to seel you tickets?
Lolla would have succeeded with a one day lineup with the Pixies headlining. They couldn't get the Pixies, so now it's all over. Hopefully some of these bands, like Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene, will now schedule their own smaller summer tours.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Might pick this up (you should too):
The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy

The author, once notorious as a conservative attack-journalist trashing the likes of Anita Hill and the Clintons, repudiated his past in the confessional Blinded by the Right. In this blistering j'accuse, Brock mounts a less gossipy and more systematic assault on the right-wing media juggernaut of think tanks, publishers, talk radio shows, Web sites and cable networks. He treats it as a disciplined political movement, inspired by Communist subversion techniques, bankrolled by a handful of right-wing zillionaires through corporate and foundation spigots, tightly yoked to the Republican policy agenda and masterminded by arch-conservative Grover Norquist at weekly strategy meetings. By Brock's account, it constitutes a seamless propaganda machine conveying dubious scholarship, Republican talking points and antiliberal smear campaigns from think tanks and Internet rumor mills to the FOX News and talk radio echo chambers and thence through a network of conservative pundits into the quality press. Meanwhile, Brock charges, the mainstream media, cowed by spurious charges of "liberal bias," have abandoned their role as objective arbiters of truth in favor of an uncritical airing of partisan ideology in the name of "balance." The result, he says, is a public discourse in which the line between fact and opinion is blurred, poorly funded liberal voices get shouted down, "no issue can be honestly debated and no election can be fairly decided." Brock's critique echoes that of other liberal media critics like Eric Alterman and Al Franken, and cannot be accused of nonpartisanship. He is dismissive of the conservative nostrums whose purveyors he pillories, and his biting takedowns of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and their ilk show he hasn't lost his taste for blood. But Brock's incisive, well-supported analysis and his street cred as an apostate from the conservative press make this a spirited challenge to the contemporary mediascape

Phish and Jay-Z. Oh my God!

NPR review a Ghost is born


Devendra Banhart

  • Poughkeepsie

  • A Sight To Behold

  • The Body Breaks

  • This Modern World

  • Ray Bradbury is demanding an apology from filmmaker Michael Moore for lifting the title from his classic science-fiction novel "Fahrenheit 451" without permission and wants the new documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" to be renamed.

    "He didn't ask my permission," Bradbury, 83, told The Associated Press on Friday. "That's not his novel, that's not his title, so he shouldn't have done it."

    The 1953 novel, widely considered Bradbury's masterpiece, portrays an ugly futuristic society in which firemen burn homes and libraries in order to destroy the books inside and keep people from thinking independently.

    "Fahrenheit 451" takes its title from the temperature at which books burn. Moore has called "Fahrenheit 9/11" the "temperature at which freedom burns."

    His film, which won top honors in May at the Cannes Film Festival, charges that the Bush administration acted ineptly before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, then played on the public's fear of future terrorism to gain support for the war against Iraq. It opens nationwide next Friday.

    Bradbury, who hadn't seen the movie, said he called Moore's company six months ago to protest and was promised Moore would call back.

    He finally got that call last Saturday, Bradbury said, adding Moore told him he was "embarrassed."

    "He suddenly realized he's let too much time go by," the author said by phone from his home in Los Angeles' Cheviot Hills section.

    Joanne Doroshow, a spokeswoman for "Fahrenheit 9/11," said the film's makers have "the utmost respect for Ray Bradbury."

    "Mr. Bradbury's work has been an inspiration to all of us involved in this film, but when you watch this film you will see the fact that the title reflects the facts that the movie explores, the very real life events before, around and after 9-11," she said.

    Bradbury, who is a registered political independent, said he would rather avoid litigation and is "hoping to settle this as two gentlemen, if he'll shake hands with me and give me back my book and title."

    Moore's film needed new distributors after Disney refused to let its Miramax subsidiary release it, claiming it was too politically charged. The documentary was later bought by Miramax bosses Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who lined up Lions Gate and IFC Films to help distribute it.

    Monday, June 21, 2004

    Can you F-in’ Believe it?!?
    "We have no credible evidence that Iraq and al-Qaida cooperated on attacks against the United States" and that contacts between Iraq and al-Quida "do not appear to have resulted in a collaborative relationship"- from the report of the 9/11 commission. Another reason to question the absolute power of this President and his war agenda.
    Rice interview on NPR (another source on bad information and ideas creating a web of false truths)

    Friday, June 18, 2004

    Suicide girls was fun, but If I want to go see burlesque there are alot better places in Philly. When I read the article in the Inquirer it seemed like it would be more of a punk show. They sell themselves as anti-establishment punk-rockers, but there really is nothing different that they do that sets themselves apart from Stripclubs. It’s some non-implant (which I liked) pasty-wearing (which I didn’t like) girls dancing like strippers with common/campy inuendo.
    Favorite moment: Headbanging tated-up girl (which they all were) strippping and beating the shit out of a stuffed monkey as Pixies played in the background.
    Oh, and Imagine a girl stripping while HUlaHooping. Mad Skills.
    Funniest Moment: My buddy Joe is really into T-shirls (very punk anthem designs) and wanted to give the girls his wears. Only problem I saw was that these girls are known for taking off their clothes not wearing them. But anyway, He sees a girl at the afterparty and shows her 8 shirts. She takes them with the intentions of “showing” them to the other dancer. Anybody surprized that she comes back up empty handed and saying that they loved ‘em?
    He waves this off saying they didn’t cost much and he was just looking for publicity, but the girls probably already forgot his name and company.
    Some Guy: Hey girl. You’re hot. Nice shirt. Where’d you get it?
    Girl: Some guy at a Philly show.
    Giving away shit without contact and follow-up info isn’t sales smart.

    Last week - Reagan mania. Next week - Clinton mania.

    The Philadelphia Daily News becomes the first newspaper to officially endorse John Kerry. This is nice and all, and I'm sure that many papers will follow, but an endorsement in June? Seems like a nice ploy to raise circulation and get publicity.

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  • Wednesday, June 16, 2004

    Political Rant:
    over the course of the current Bush presidency, First Lady Laura Bush hasn't called much attention to herself mostly out of sight and out of mind she has fulfilled her role as the perfect anti-Hillary,and powerful white men breathed a sigh of relief

    of course, that was before the campaign And that was before hubby's poll numbers started dipping into the danger zone. So Laura Bush has a new role –to be the safe, unthreatening face for issues too controversial for the President to focus on

    Take stem cell research, for example. With the pomp and circumstance of Ronald Reagan's funeralapalooza dominating the media, stem cell research has become a hot-button topic. Nancy Reagan strongly supports the research, which could lead to treatment for the Alzheimer's Disease her husband suffered from. And although many people echo Nancy Regan's sentiments, ending the President's current ban on stem cell research would royally piss off his most loyal base -the religious right. Enter the First Lady, whose father ironically also suffered from Alzheimer's:

    "It requires unbelievable strength of character to take care of the person you love, as you see them slip away like that," said Bush. Her father, Harold Welch died in 1995.

    But the first lady said she wasn't prepared to endorse a change of the stem cell policy.

    "We have to be very careful between what we want to do for science and what we should do ethically," she said "And (the) stem cell issue is certainly one of those issues we need to treat very carefully."

    wow. way to kick out the jams. while the opponents of stem cell research will likely be satisfied with this offering, it's incredibly amusing to place it in context: At a time when the Right is spinning Reagan into a modern-day superhero, they concurrently take the time to piss on science that might have kept him from fading away in the first place.

    Not that there aren't other ironies involved in this topic. while people get up in arms about the sanctity of embryos used in stem cell research, they conveniently ignore that hundreds of thousands of excess embryos are produced (and later destroyed) during in vitro fertilization procedures. Where's the outcry for that?

    In the meantime, our favorite former librarian will fight the good fight for other unqualified people who should really just be quiet.
    The Rock and Roll
    Hall of Fame Nominating Committee met earlier this month to discuss the potential nominees for 2005.

    Eligible for the first time:

    Bryan Adams
    the Pretenders
    Def Leppard
    Iron Maiden
    Pat Benatar

    Also possible:

    Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
    Joan Jett
    Jeff Beck
    Dick Dale
    Van Halen
    John Mellencamp
    Steve Miller Band
    Black Sabbath
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Twisted Sister

    News & Notes
    WILCO is on David Letterman TONIGHT!

    Pistons DESTROYED the Lakers last night. Thank God. I think everybody was tired of the Lakers. And I, for one, am glad to see that a team cannot buy a championship team a-la the NY Yankees.
    quick note: former Detroit Pistons’ star Bill Lambier played a Sleestack (a large lizzard from the future) on 70’s TV show “Land of the Lost”.

    Yo La Tengo:

  • five live songs from June, 2004

  • Elliott Smith:
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  • Tuesday, June 15, 2004

    IN so much pain. I have a blister on my pinky toe that is bigger than the toe.
    What a great show, sorry, SHOWS. Missed a few like MMW and David Byrne, and wasted my time at others like Soulive and Bob Dylan. Collected some good footage, and might be up when I get my website setup, but i am also using that footage as a template to teach myself video editing programs, so we’ll see how it goes, and hopefully you will too.

    Thoughts and quick notes:
    must buy My Morning Jacket and new Wilco
    Trey is fucking great, and I like that he is trying different stuff and trying to move past Phish.
    Fireworks at the end of a concert is awesome
    45 min. set intermission sucks.
    the Rv was a great buy. Good for rain and playing NBA live on the way up and back.
    Mud is fun
    rain isn’t
    people like to be videotaped, but only if the person doing it isn’t me..
    Mali wowwie!
    Was smart enough not to bring my video camera when I was fucked-up, but also missed a lot of good things.
    Hanging on the back of an RV when going over 40 looks nice, is fun and dangerious, but Fuck it anyway!
    Dave is cool. Glad I saw him, otherwise I may never have.
    Primus rocked, and so did Ween. had to choose between them, and DAMN iT, it was hard.
    Rum helps me dance, Wine makes me irratable, Gin makes me forget, Beer makes me funny, whisky get me drunk, tequilla makes me wild, and vodka makes me horny.
    Colin, “I hate my brain”
    “Wetness is temporary, Happiness is a memory” - me to some girl who didn’t want to see a show because it was raining.
    live music ranking (respectivly)
    10. Bob Dylan
    9. the dead
    8. Moe
    7. Galatic
    6. My Morning Jacket
    5. WILCO
    4. ween
    3. Primus
    2. TREY
    honerable mention
    – Praxis, encore, 1st song by Buckethead
    – that 70’s tent, dance party
    – “The Hit”, jam by Slosh
    – Guster

    Wednesday, June 09, 2004

    I could talk about how there is discussion to have Reagan placed on the $10 bill, but will just laydown some


    for your enjoyment. so…enjoy. BONNAROOOO! (leaving tonight)


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  • Monday, June 07, 2004

    I'm pissing myself waiting to go to Bonnaroo. It's that great nervious excitement. We have a huge caravan going down, but as usual, the best plans fall apart, so I don't know if we are all gonna be parked next to each other. So many people are gonna be comming. My old girl is, and I'm really looking forward to that, I hope we either forget what we had or start all over again. ADAM, give me your damn cell #, I kow you're going. Everyone: it's going to rain, so pack smart. well…gotta get back to work. I'm falling into the bad habit of loving these short work weeks, so gotta buckle down and play catch-up.
    Also I'm looking for an apartment, possible Manayunk, and need some tips, good landlord references, or roomates. holla back.

    and yes, I haven't been posting my daily downloads daily. sorry. but go here.
    internet radio for those who haven't fallin' into the beauty which is itunes, or prefer to work on a PC.

    Friday, June 04, 2004

    The Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer is now up. The film will be out in North America on June 25th. The trailer is predictable, just like the film appears to be. It will be 90+ minutes of straight-on liberal propoganda. It will probably get bad reviews as an actual film. It will make a ton of money. Why? Because Michael Moore has taken advantage of the free American publicity/buzz machine just as masterfully as Mel Gibson did earlier this year with The Passion. I know I'll see this even if I don't think I'll learn anything new.

    Craiglist has become a powerful player in the classifieds world. I know if I ever actually do end up getting a new apartment, it'll probably be on there.

    A new John Kerry ad, entitled "Country", is up on his site. And you know what? This is the first ad of his that I've seen that I think is actually pretty damn good. It's different from all the negative shit that's on TV now. And it has him talking directly to the people. Kerry still doesn't look presidential though.

    5-Minute Video of George W. Bush on the Morning of 9/11 (fascinating)
    a man in black-face speaking with ebonic slang=racist
    two black man acting and dressing like stupid white girls=racist? No! in fact it is the next flop from the Waynes brothers.
    white chicks
    Matching The Drug To The Beatles Song

    Marijuana > "Got to Get You Into My Life"
    LSD > "Day Tripper"
    Cocaine > All of Sgt. Pepper's?
    In the same interview, McCartney admits Wings sucked.

    Thursday, June 03, 2004

    just got out of a meeting that would easily rank in the Top 1% of Most Unproductive Uses Of An Hour ever. seriously, I haven't been that bored since my Astrology Class freshman year at Syracuse. it was so boring that I almost started falling asleep, lecture style. in order to combat the fatigue that was spreading through my veins like wildfire, I started riffing away in my Mead Composition book in a vein that can only be compared to Larry King's infamous USA Today columns. boredom (mixed with a little bit of a hang-over) can do strange things to men. with that being said, here is what I wrote, pretty much word for word:

    Feta cheese. So good on eggs.

    In the battle of Mint Juleps versus Mojitos, I pick Mojitos. Fresh mint in drinks ... so best!

    New iPod earphones ... surprisingly ineffective when sweat gets in your ears.

    Why don't any local mini marts carry that low carb Coke yet?

    Drinking a shot of tequila every hour on the hour ... some say an underrated way to get completely shitfaced.

    Those Cubans have it right, chili powder and lime on corn on the cob is the way to go.

    I know it's wrong, but "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down is a fucking fantastic pop song.

    Dr. Ironfist is the coolest nickname ever.

    If you're gonna pay bills while you're on vacation, wait until the last day to do it.

    Always carry spare clothes in your trunk

    Getting arthritis must be worst.

    I still have my Built to Spill ticket stub in my wallet

    Saffron Burrows ... now there's a face to launch a thousand ships.

    mission accomplished?!?


    "The Libertines are still the best band in Britain and I can’t wait to hear the new album. They are riding the crest of a wave of brilliant British music and they will go down in history as one of the best bands of our generation."
    — Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, proving that Kegzies isn't alone in his love for The Libertines. I also dig them, but can’t find a link for my readers (all 3 of you) so take my word and find your own. Ha.

  • CatPower

  • Bright Eyes with Beth Orton: "Motion Sickness (live)"

  • The Boondocks is the best comic since Calvin and Hobbes. I also am a big fan of Farside, non-sequitur and This Modern World.

    Boob-Gate Rant
    Ever since the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” during the SuperBowl, people have turned the once goody-goody Janet Jackson’s breast into, sadly, the most pressing news story and social issue of 2004. There is much to be said about the fallout from this ill-advised publicity stunt. But one of the most interesting sub-stories is how Janet is being treated during her subsequent media stops. Shows are putting her on a 5 sec delay, as if they expect her to whip out her titty at a moment’s notice. But here’s the kicker: on Letterman the other night, nervous censors made sure to bleep out every offensive word spewing out of that hatlot’s mouth.

    Foul words like…uhm…”Jesus”

    Let that sink in for a moment. Because this is the reality of the post-boob era. Congress pats itself on the back by passing sharply increased fines for indecency, as if they didn’t have more pressing issues to focus on. But there is no definition for indecency: the standards are arbitrary. The media is so fearful of finding themselves on the wrong side of this fuzzy line that they are willing to self-censor themselves at an almost comical level.

    Is this going away soon? Hardly. Welcome to the new world of coomunication, pre-sanitized to avoid even the tiniest hint of offensiveness.

    It’s pretty god-damn ridiculous (thank you internet, for being a saving grace)

    Wednesday, June 02, 2004

    I forgot

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  • Tuesday, June 01, 2004

    "The Way the Music Died" on PBS
    This Thursday at 9:00, PBS airs a documentary on the state of the music industry; specifically how the fat cats' profits have been spiraling downwards. One dramatic stat: "[Yearly] sales have fallen from $40 billion to $28 billion in just three years"
    Thankfully, while sales of shitty music flatten, the good guys are going strong.

    Avril Lavigne not punk, still has no idea who this "Bow-ee" guy is.

    Direct from the Canadian's mouth:
    "You know what's so gay is, like, all these journalists are, like (saying in faux hushed reverence), 'Avril Lavigne's punk and she's a rebel and she does punk rock music,"' Lavigne, 19, said in a recent interview, using the word gay as a slang synonym for stupid.

    While I am proud Ms. Lavigne is capable of showing a good deal more self-awareness than people give her credit for, I am actually most amused by Reuter's having to explain her use of the word "gay."

    Bush is keeping the Gun Sadam was holding when captured.
    Now doesn’t this sound like a momento of a grudge won, rather than a symbol of a free Iraq?


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