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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You have the right to…

Among the stories from this weekend this is one that I can give details on.

Characters: Me and Ev and the Pt Cruser
Place: Downhill in Maryland

A Ups driver is in the middle of the road flagging us down and pointing to a pull-off in the middle lane.
No wait, that’s a Maryland cop!
Do we have anything on us? Just Ev’s piece that I’m aware of.
“Son, we’re pulling you over because you were going 75 in a 65 zone. Can we see your driver’s license and proof of insurance”?
Just a speeding ticket nothing to worry about, right?
Around us are about 7 cops and a K9 vehicle. One of the cops is resting on the hood of that vehicle pointing his radar gun right through us towards the top of the hill.
I make some comment about us getting cancer.
Another car gets pulled over in the same fashion and is directed to the other side of the highway.
“Sir, do you have anything in the car we should know about?”
before there’s time to respond
“We’re gonna bring out the K9 unit to go about your car.”
London, profiling, random baggage checks…seems like our rights are getting waved in the name of national security.

They bring out this cross-eyed lab who’s detection signal must be just wagging his tail because that’s all he did, but they said he sensed something and now we have been asked to exit the vehicle.
“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you…”
My head is swimming.
To Ev, “do you understand these rights?
“Yes or No?”
I didn’t hear anything. I’m just formulating a way to ask a question without my teeth ending up looking as bust-in as this guys.
“You sir, do you understand these rights?”
“Yes, but I have a question.”
“Don’t you only read the rights before a person is arrested? Are we under arrest?”
“Sir you car was just searched by a specially trained K9 unit. He detected possible drugs n the car and we are now going to check your car.” To Ev, “Sir, you can’t get in trouble for answering this question, but has there been any drug use in this car in the recent past?”
Ev as calm as possible, “ I don’t really know…’
“Yes or NO.”
“It’s possible”
Further questions arise, but the common ones. Like if he was the owner of the car, where we are heading, what does he have in his hip-pack thingy (I later find out that is where is piece was, but he hid it from them by putting is fingers in the way when they looked in. lucky genius).
They get all our information that was already available on our driver’s license (hair color, home address, etc..) and we make small talk with Dudley Do-Right as they tear apart the car looking for something to justify this search and their pension. My toothpaste container is now open and being checked.
They find Ev’s sage stick (looks like a huge blunt, but there’s no wrapper, just bound white leaves and doesn’t smell anything like drugs.
“Sir, what’s this!?”
Ev, “It’s sage. You burn it. It’s used to ward off evil spirits”
(I just about broke out laughing there.)
They take it back to the truck to analyze.
Another cop has found my Vicidan and showing it to another cop. I see this and quickly respond with, “It’s an old prescription I have for a back-problem”
“You know you are supposed to carry it in its orange bottle.”
“But I’m going camping and the bottle is cumbersome” (yup, I said cumbersome)
Around this time another cop is coming across the highway. Tells another cop that they haven’t found anything, just a lot of “what-she-calls Catnip, that stinks to high-heaven.”
We make more small talk with the cops to smooth things over.
They joke about arresting over 50 people that day because of drug possession and how that near-by rain gutter has seen more than a keg of underager’s beer dumped into it.
The drug enforcement “specialist” with the piercing blue/clear eyes comes next to us and tells us that they haven’t found anything and we are free to go. In his hand is a little plastic vile with black liquid in it. This is the residue from the test they did on the Sage. Had it been any type of drug the liquid would have turned purple.
Ev gets just a warning for speeding.
Now these guys are acting like our best friends.
“Have a good day””Be careful when you pull into the ‘hammer’ lane”
(What the fuck is the hammer lane???)
A: it’s the passing lane
“Guess you guys have never been truckers?”
(in my head: “We’ve also never been 45”)
As we start to pull away we see the lady in the car across the lane in handcuffs walking towards were we just were.
Realization sets in and I laugh hysterically relieved. Ev however, is analyzing what the fuck just happened and trying to formulate some way to sue those bastards.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's been too long. I just noticed-because I got the Incredibles on DVD-which it was the last thing I talked about on this site. I didn't realize it had been that long. I knew it was before my new job, this job. So… basically I'm diggin' my position in life right now. My job still rocks and now am in full EXPO mode. I'm in charge of all the marketing collateral for this cable-tec EXPO in SanAntonio. So those of you in San Antonio, enjoy my work! I also had an old girlfriend back in my life for a little bit. It was nice, but I fucked it up by getting to close, but feel I had to overcompensate because I was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop (you see she dumped me for no real reason back in the day, and I was just waiting for it to happen again. Maybe it was a subconscious destruction so I wouldn't let it happen again?)
The Spinto Band got signed to BarNone records and a bunch of their promo press samples came in yesterday. Damn… I hope the most the wish for is the least they get.SPINTOBAND

Gon to a big party in NYC tomorrow night, should be fun, but really I don't need much of an excuse to go to the big apple. And Saturday I'm going to check out the MoMA. Can't wait to see the re-design by that Japanese architect (for those who don't know the Museum of Modern art has been closed for too long.)

Psionic Distortion

It explores how anime, manga and digital technology are continually shaping contemporary art and ideas. If in NYC, be sure to make the opening night performance by renegade Tokyo multimedia artist Ujino Muneteru.

and even though this isn't in NYC it sounds pretty cool, "Formavision presents Remastered, an exhibition commissioning visual artists to reinterpret Old Masters' paintings by recontextualizing them within contemporary culture."

what else has been going on… ummmm, well, plenty, just nothing to think of right now. Thinking about getting an old motorcycle and fixing it up as a summer project. Like an old late '70's Honda (Not a crotchrocket or cruiser!)
I gotta get back to work but I'll try to be more consistent with this blog. I used to get a good response from some people, try and keep it up and I'll try to keep it up.

nice video
that was a techno song, and I'm not really into techno, but here's some more,
Chemical Brothers- Push the Button

Build your own cigar box Guitar

I just heard that Mitch Hedberg died last night. WTF!
“I used to do drugs. I still do drugs. But I used to, too.”
Not any more.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Lets talk about a couple of things that are incredible.

The Incredibles, the new Pixar movie.
Created by Brad Bird, the writer-director of "The Iron Giant," one of the greatest animated movies of all time, the story revolves around a family of far too sincerely glum superheroes trying hard to live normal suburban lives at a time when frivolous lawsuits have made saving the world cost-prohibitive.

But out of their spandex, they're just a bunch of sitcom clichés. Bob Parr (secretly super-strong do-gooder Mr. Incredible, voiced with idealistic comic-book resonance by Craig T. Nelson of Coach fame) is an irresponsible dad who tries to keep secrets and stupid mistakes from his (literally) stretched-in-every direction wife, Helen (a.k.a. Elastigirl, voiced with adoring irony by Holly Hunter). Their kids are, of course, a hyperactive 8-year-old named Dash, who can run 100 mph, and mopey teenage Violet (NPR radio's droll Sarah Vowell), blessed with a gift many junior high girls would kill for -- invisibility.

Down in the dumps about his unsatisfying job as an insurance adjuster, Bob welcomes an offer from a mysterious stranger with a secret volcano-island lair (and matching James Bond-like theme music) to resume superhero-ing on the sly. He gets a new costume cut to accommodate his middle-age paunch (by a hilarious midget Coco Chanel of super-garb), sneaks away from home under the guise of a business trips, and soon discovers his benefactor is a face from the past -- and he's up to no good.

Terribly clever in many small ways (the Parrs' neighborhood is straight out of a 1960s Looney Tunes short) but terribly overreaching in many others (several action scenes are conspicuously calculated to tie-in with a video game that went on sale Tuesday), "The Incredibles" is at its best when poking fun at the genre that inspired it. "You sly dog, you got me monologing!" chuckles glib villain Syndrome (the perfectly voice-cast Jason Lee) after stopping himself from revealing his nefarious plan to the hero.

All in all it’s a very good movie. Don’t let my overanalyzing of it keep you from seeing it. I might just see it again. In fact, I’ve never been disappointed with a Pixar movie.

The Eagles
Ok, we lost. That’s OK. I also lost who I backed for President, but I have to believe that the better competitor won. I accept the defeat and hope we can learn from our faults and come back even stronger.
6-1. not bad. Best start I’ve ever witnessed with this team, and I’ve been bleeding Green since I had season tickets since I was alittle kid at Veteran’s Stadium. I sat through the Kotite years. I’ve seen White and Cunningham in their prime. I’ve been covered in beer and snow before I was old enough to realize the passion Philly fans have for this team. –T.o. is an asshole, but he’s our asshole. Only we can say that. Anybody else, and you’ll see an ugly Philadelphian’s even uglier side. But you mess with McNabb and you’ll see my ugly SU pride top it all.– This has to be our year! I don’t see it happening again for a loooong time. So close 3 years in a row. Common.

Halo 2
Now I’m not a big video game fan, but I know a lot of people who have been waiting for some time to play this. I’ve actually heard that people are taking off of work tomorrow so they can play it all day (the game comes out tonight at midnight)
Now, I like to play video games, but if I don’t have time to dedicate to one I get easily bored. My roommate just got GTA San Andreas and I am really bored with the story line and doing the same thing over and over again until I see a new type of head blow up.

Halo 2, to me, is like 007. it’s an incredible game and the graphics are amazing, but I guess I burned myself out on video games a long time back. I was the first one on my block to have a Nintendo and Genisis. My father actually made a bet with me and my brother that he would buy us a new game whenever we beat a game, because he thought the games were impossible. We quickly proved him wrong, as well as his wallet.
Mitch Hedburg’s comedy is at the Tower Theater Sat. Nov 20
Here’s a sample of his work:
I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, "You're gonna have to move, you're blocking a fire exit." As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammible and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit.

• My sister wanted to be an actress, but she never made it. She does live in a trailer. She got half way. She's an actress, she just never gets called to the set.

• Sometimes I fall asleep at night with my clothes on. I'm going to have all my clothes made out of blankets.

• I type a 101 words a minute. But it's in my own language.

ELEFANT is playing the north Star Sun. Nov 21
I’m really into this band right now. You can hear some of their stuff when you visit their site.

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS are the latest artists to compile their ‘UNDER THE INFLUENCE’ compilation. Each of the band have picked three songs for the album, set for release on January 31. Tracks featured on the album include Joey Beltram’s ‘Energy Flash’, Dawn Penn’s ‘You Don’t Love Me (No No No)’ as well as songs by Beach Boys, Undertones, MC5 and Underworld.
The full tracklisting is:
* The Beach Boys - 'Feel Flows' (Bunf)
* Datblygu - 'Casserole Efeillaid' (Gruff)
* The Undertones - 'My Perfect Cousin' (Bunf)
* The MC5 - 'Kick Out The Jams' (Guto)
* Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - 'Christina' (Gruff)
* Sly & The Family Stone - 'Family Affair' (Daf)
* Humanoid - 'Stakker Humanoid' (Cian)
* Underworld - 'Rez' (Daf)
* Bizet - 'Pearl Fishers' (Cian)
* ELO - 'Telephone Line' (Daf)
* Dennis Wilson and Rumbo - 'Lady' (Guto)
* Meic Stevens - 'Ghost Town' (Gruff)
* Dawn Penn - 'You Don't Love Me (No No No)' (Guto)
* Joey Beltram - 'Energy Flash' (Cian)
* Hardfloor - 'Acperience' (Bunf)
Previous artists to make an ‘Under The Influence’ compilation include Morrissey, Ian Brown and Paul Weller. (via NME)

Daily Discussion
The Arcade Fire: funeral
I was having a long conversation with a good friend today about that thing in music that's always a step ahead of words. At best I could say it's that little spark in a song that stimulates the flow of neurotransmitters to the emotional centers of the brain, which sets off feelings and memories and colors, acts as catalyst for actions, reactions, catharsis. The oil that greases life. While we were spinning this thread of conversation I was listening to The Arcade Fire's 'Funeral'. Appropriate does not begin to describe. I hear certain comparisons in their work. Maybe where The Walkmen took the grandiosity of Joshua Tree-era U2 and ran into a more intense place with it, The Arcade Fire took the same thing and scaled it down, made it humble and suburban but no less potent. An incomplete analogy. Throwing in some of David Bowie's best work and gluing the whole mess together with the most subtle parts of Modest Mouse's energy and modernity comes close. But it's still not enough. But that's music. The best of it is always a step ahead of words. The closest I can get to what this album is about is a starry night in a suburban neighborhood and some friends spending their last night on earth together around a space heater. If that conveys a feeling then this album will do things for you. I think I crafted the image out of the song titles; there are four numbered "Neighborhood" sketches, as well as "Un Année sans Lumiere" (French for 'an evening without light'). The album carries a torch through somber desperation and soaring choruses, filled with strings and hope; it starts and finishes strong, and though it is strongest when there are no discernable traces of their influence, it still remains great through and through. This review is a gusher, but this kind of emotional warmth is worth a little gush and a lack of vocabulary. It's not going to change music, but it could well be the soundtrack to times that change you.

  • Medeski, Martin and Wood: Best of (1991-1996) (Album Download)

  • Miles Davis with John Coltrane: Miles & Coltrane (Album Download)

  • Friday, October 29, 2004

    Halloween is just around the corner. What are you going as? Me? I going as my own character invention: Dr. Acula. He emerged from the recess of my brain with a taste for blood and knowledge of the anatomy. Actually, he came out of a hung-over Saturday morning conversation... somebody mentioned how bad they felt, and somehow we start talking about leaches being used to cure diseases along with blood-letting. And I suggested, with my sarcastic wit, that you should make sure that you don't go to Dr.acula. (rim-shot!)
    I got the scrubs, half old-man mask painted white, obnoxiously large black wig, white face paint, fangs, vampire medallion, and old-school dr.'s mirror that they used to wear on their heads. Pictures up soon.
    You might see me at the Iron Hill Booery tonight.
    Sat. I'm going to a sweet party with a haunted path from the depths of hell! MUHAHAHAHA!

    2004 scariest Halloween costumes

    Daily Dose
    I know this is old, and I wanted to post it earlier, but found myself very busy. So here is some excellent redemption for those of you, who like me, can't stand that culture whore Ashlee Simpson and hate the fact that she is popular and dumping such garbage into the ear holes of naive children who think she is talented.
    Ahhh… her suffering is sweeter than her sisters luscious breasts that she is so desperately trying to suckle fame from.

    rejected iPOD themes

    Wouldn't you know it. As soon as I get one, they comes out with one I want even more.

    According to a new report, the glam rockers have sold so much official merchandise - including black g-strings emblazoned with 'The Darkness', which cost 10GBP each - that they can afford to make another album and go on tour without having to sell any records.

    The shins will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 5th.

    As a result of the “excessive prices” of bootlegs, Neutral Milk Hotel is putting together a 2volume set of early material, including the self-released cassettes, live performances, and unreleased recordings. No release date yet.

    Yo La Tengo will play eight days of Hanukkah shows again this year at Maxwell's in Hoboken, from December 7th through the 14th. Ticket sales haven't been announced, but are available through TicketWeb (click the TicketWeb link at the very bottom, and keep clicking "more events" until they show up).
    Previous Yo La Tengo Hanukkah shows (in 2001 and 2002) have featured David Byrne, Portastatic, David Cross, The Sun Ra Arkestra, and many others. The tickets are gone quickly, so jump on these if you're interested.

    Looking for a New Year's Eve show to attend? Wilco, The Flaming Lips, and Sleater-Kinney will play Madison Square Garden in New York this year on December 31st.

  • The Unicorns: Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone (Album Download)

  • elbow: Asleep at the back (Album Download)

  • Radiohead: Kid A (Album Download)

  • Thursday, October 21, 2004

    Hey!! Stop what you're doing! You're not going to stumble across the b-side
    to "Hand In Glove", and you're not going to find the unreleased Pixies
    album. What you need to do is get ready to vote in the most important
    election of our lives.

    Find your nearest polling place and get prepared to vote.

    Tell your friends to vote, tell your enemies for that matter. But just vote.

    Too lazy? Our vote doesn’t really count? FUCKING exercise you ability to make a change and VOTE!
    Ok, I’ll help. go to these sites and register.

    Rock The Vote

    Daily Dose
    (only it’s Jon Stewart from The Daily show, and it’s not today, it was Friday.)
    Highlights from Friday's Crossfire when things heat up between CNN’c Tucker Carlson and Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart

    TUCKER CARLSON: You have a chance to interview the Democratic nominee. You asked him questions such as "How are you holding up? Is it hard not to take the attacks personally?" ... Why not ask him a real question, instead of just suck up to him?

    JON STEWART: Yes. "How are you holding up?" is a real suck-up. And I’m actually giving him a hot stone massage as we were doing it. You know, it's interesting to hear you talk about my responsibility ... that the news organizations look to Comedy Central for their cues on integrity. If your idea of confronting me is that I don't ask hard-hitting enough news questions, we're in bad shape, fellows.

    PAUL BEGALA: Let me get this straight. If the indictment is -- if the indictment is -- and I have seen you say this -- that Crossfire reduces everything, as I said in the intro, to left, right, black, white.

    STEWART: Yes.

    BEGALA: Well, it's because, see, we're a debate show.

    STEWART: No, no, no, no, that would be great. I would love to see a debate show.

    CARLSON: Jon, Jon, Jon, I'm sorry. I think you're a good comedian. I think your lectures are boring.

    STEWART: Now, this is theater. It's obvious. How old are you?

    CARLSON: Thirty-five.

    STEWART: And you wear a bow tie.

    CARLSON: Yes, I do. I do.

    STEWART: So this is theater.

    CARLSON: Now, let me just...

    STEWART: Now, listen, I'm not suggesting that you're not a smart guy, because those are not easy to tie. ... But the thing is that this -- you're doing theater, when you should be doing debate, which would be great.

    BEGALA: We do, do...

    STEWART: It's not honest. What you do is not honest. What you do is partisan hackery. And I will tell you why I know it.

    CARLSON: You had John Kerry on your show and you sniff his throne and you're accusing us of partisan hackery?

    STEWART: Absolutely.

    CARLSON: You've got to be kidding me. He comes on and you...

    STEWART: You're on CNN. The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls. ... What is wrong with you?

    CARLSON: Well, I'm just saying, there's no reason for you -- when you have this marvelous opportunity not to be the guy's butt boy, to go ahead and be his butt boy. Come on. It's embarrassing.

    STEWART: You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably.

    CARLSON: You need to get a job at a journalism school, I think.

    STEWART: You need to go to one. The thing that I want to say is, when you have people on for just knee-jerk, reactionary talk...

    CARLSON: Wait. I thought you were going to be funny. Come on. Be funny.

    STEWART: No. No. I'm not going to be your monkey ... I watch your show every day. And it kills me.

    CARLSON: I can tell you love it.

    STEWART: It's so painful to watch.

    CARLSON: Is this really Jon Stewart? What is this, anyway?

    STEWART: Yes, it's someone who watches your show and cannot take it anymore. I just can't.

    CARLSON: I do think you're more fun on your show. Just my opinion.

    STEWART: You know what's interesting, though? You're as big a dick on your show as you are on any show.

    Taken from the new animated movie, and so aptly changed today to…

  • The Shins: They’ll discover soon

  • The Flaming Lips: SpongeBob & Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall Of Energy

  • Monday, October 18, 2004

    Sorry for the long break, but needed to be done. My life has improved from the doldrums of where I was. Not only does my new job rock, but so does my apartment in West Chester. My title is Asst. Art Director. Here's an example of what I've been doing. Not bad for my first website. Background doesn't look as good as I wanted it to, but that's because my boss wanted me to lighten it alot, and that created this bad texture in low-rez gif format. Oh well. (If you find your way back to my job's homepage you'll see that it majorly needs a re-vamp, so that'll be my next project)
    I'm also doing some sick mailer pieces right now, which I'll post later. Basically my job has me in charge of a team of 3 (graphic designer, IT guy, and webmaster) and we create all the collateral for this society of telecommunications engineers. Sometimes I pick a project I want to do (like the website, mostly because I wanted to teach myself more web stuff), but most often I give the overall direction and see to it that they meet deadlines, then give the comps to my boss for final approval. I also got a nice office, no window though.
    Soooo... the past month has pretty much been moving in and getting settled.
    I was also questioning if me writing about myself everyday was narcissistic, or therapeutic.
    I mean, the post for mp3's is cool, but do you really care about my day? But I guess that is what blogs are all about, and if you hit the next button on the blogger ad at the top of my page, you'll see alot of random crap out there.
    Either way, my new job job has me pretty busy, and satisfied, so I doubt I'll be posting as much as I did at my old job. I just found some free time tonight, as the sox are in extra innings with the Yanks, so I figured I'd indulge in an old escape.
    I've talked a lot about politics this year, and I'm glad that this election has sparked my interest in politics. I know I've stepped on some toes with my opinions and probably fell over my own with my confusing opinion. So here is the best way I can say my opinion on this election. (as told by the Tampa Tribune)
    The newspaper said its "deeply conflicted" editorial board could not back Bush "because of his mishandling of the war in Iraq, his record deficit spending, his assault on open government and his failed promise to be a 'uniter not a divider' within the United States and the world."
    But the paper said it could not endorse Kerry, "whose undistinguished Senate record stands at odds with the nation's conservative principles and whose positions on the Iraq war -- the central issue in this campaign -- have been difficult to distinguish or differentiate."

    here are some big download pages to help fill your iPOD's

  • RAMONES albums. Thank you russia!

  • PIXIES: live at Indio, CA

  • Wilco, LIVE: 10/30/02 Memphis, TN

  • Modest Mouse; "This Is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About"
    Album Download

  • 'bout time I gave you a Modest album, huh Boris?

    Friday, September 03, 2004

    Ahhhhhh… Now I remember why I want to leave.
    So Best Buy (our client) liked MY ideas and the direction they were going. I finnish my 2nd round comps to be sent out and approved, but NOW my bosses (owners and Creative director) get the great idea to make the cover a collage of the artists featured. A Collage?!? my teacher once said that the use of a college is used only when there’s no concept (Bob Cooney). Plus, they gave it to another designer, so not only will it not have the look I gave it – the look our client liked – it will have the lack of a concept! It just bad business to hear a clients opinions but not listen. Why, why would you go a different direction from what the client is expecting on a whim. I have to leave because my voice of reason is falling on deaf ears. I could run this place better, but I don’t have the experience to back it up. So I’m leaving to gain more responsibility and creative control, but got to stick it out here for another week. blah.
    New York rock act Interpol will kick off a North American tour Oct. 11 in Boston with Secret Machines, On Air Library! and an additional band to be announced. Five European shows and an Oct. 1 appearance on NBC's "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" will precede the fall run, which wraps with a Nov. 11-12 hometown stand at Hammerstein Ballroom. Interpol will be touring in support of its sophomore Matador album, "Antics," due Sept. 28. First single "Slow Hands" will be released Sept. 13 internationally, backed by remixes from Dan "The Automator" Nakamura and Spoon's Britt Daniel. Tracks from the album can previewed on Interpol's official Web site. Secret Machines will be out behind their acclaimed Reprise debut, "Now Hear Is Nowhere," (billboard)
    Here are Interpol's North American tour dates:
    Oct. 11: Boston (Avalon)
    Oct. 12: Montreal (Metropolis)
    Oct. 13: Toronto (Docks)
    Oct. 15: Detroit (State Theater)
    Oct. 16: Columbus, Ohio (Newport Music Hall)
    Oct. 17: Chicago (Riviera Theatre)
    Oct. 19: Minneapolis (First Avenue)
    Oct. 22: Seattle (Paramount Theatre)
    Oct. 23: Vancouver (Commodore Ballroom)
    Oct. 24: Portland, Ore. (Crystal Ballroom)
    Oct. 25: San Francisco (Warfield Theatre)
    Oct. 27-28: Los Angeles (Wiltern)
    Oct. 29: San Diego (Soma)
    Oct. 30: Tempe, Ariz. (Marquee Theatre)
    Nov. 1: Dallas (Gypsy Ballroom)
    Nov. 2: Austin, Texas (Stubbs)
    Nov. 4: Atlanta (Coca Cola Roxy Theatre)
    Nov. 5: Asheville, N.C. (Orange Peel)
    Nov. 7: Philadelphia (Electric Factory)
    Nov. 8: Providence, R.I. (Lupo's)
    Nov. 9: Washington, D.C. (9:30 Club)
    Nov. 11-12: New York (Hammerstein Ballroom)

    Earth today

    The problem with music

  • Polvo: Tragic Carpet ride

    Calexico: Service and Repair

    Tom Waits: Another Mans Vine